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Desiree Rousseau

This visual project is about twenty-year-old Desiree Rousseau who has been residing in Portland, Oregon over the past several years.

Twenty-year-old Desiree Rousseau plays with her two-month-old pet rat named Finnegan in her Portland bedroom. Rousseau has had rats all her life and adores creatures of all types, including horses. She says many people have misconceptions about the cleanliness of rats and that in reality, they spend half of their lives cleaning themselves.

Desiree works for Icicle Tricycle at a Last Thursday on Alberta Street during the summer of 2009.

Icicle Tricycle

Photographs Desiree has collected hang on her bedroom wall.

Items Desiree has collected from the streets of Portland or that have been given to her.

Relaxing on the front porch.

Desiree and thirty-year-old Fitzgerald, an apaloosa, at the Arcadia Horse Farm in Beaverton, Oregon where she volunteers on a weekly basis.

Peylon, a blind miniature horse interacts with Dancer at Arcadia.

Desiree and Mia, a kiger mustang, at Arcadia Horse farm.

In the barn with Lulu at Arcadia.

Picking fruit and vegetables at Arcadia.

Desiree and Winnie at Arcadia.

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