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October 2010

Oct 31oct 31


Oct 30oct 30

almost hallow's eve

Oct 29oct 29

rest in peace XII

Oct 28oct 28

jacket weather

Oct 27oct 27

after shower glow

Oct 26oct 26

home sweet home

Oct 25oct 25

Mama smiles

Oct 24oct 24

waffle house moment

Oct 23oct 23


Oct 22oct 22

full moon friday

Oct 21oct 21

feeding time

Oct 20oct 20

connecting with my subjects

Oct 19oct 19

house of cats

Oct 18oct 18

i heart harper

Oct 17oct 17


Oct 16oct 16


Oct 15oct 15

rest in peace XI

Oct 14oct 14


Oct 13oct 13

former student

Oct 12oct 12

Hilda's hands

Oct 11oct 11


Oct 10oct 10


Oct 9oct 9

Shayna B

Oct 8oct 8

over 44 years of love

Oct 7oct 7

Homer and Judith Anne

Oct 6oct 6


Oct 5oct 5

Carolyn and Gretchen

Oct 4oct 4

Sophie's flashcards

Oct 3oct 3

the bride sleeps

Oct 2oct 2

bride jams

Oct 1oct 1

wedding rehearsal

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