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July 2010

July 31july 31

knife pouch

July 30july 30

bass repair labels

July 29july 29


July 28july 28

bi-monthly lovin' IV

July 27july 27

The New York Times

July 26july 26

mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles

July 25july 25

Sarah II

July 24july 24

left behind

July 23july 23

Midnight Serenaders

July 22july 22

Charlotte's empire

July 21july 21

A Family Affair I

July 20july 20

languages I do not speak

July 19july 19

Rest in Peace V

July 18july 18


July 17july 17

Hello Kitty lives on

July 16july 16

Limbo's balance mask

July 15july 15

Wyatt and Liberty

July 14july 14

meet Charlotte

July 13july 13

fly swatter victim

July 12july 12


July 11july 11

Matilda and Oliver

July 10july 10

Nicole's scary spider earrings

July 9july 9

Mt Hood from Ross Island bridge

July 8july 8

someone else's plants

July 7july 7


July 6july 6


July 5july 5

bass building tools

July 4july 4


July 3july 3

Rest in Peace IV

July 2july 2

playing bass with the Djangophiles

July 1july 1

Ashleigh by firelight

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